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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Cardio Tuesday

Well, I did what I had to do today, and rolled out of bed at around 5:15am.  Crooked neck and all.  I was determined to make it to the gym.  I made it, I banged through my walk to jog workout, did some abdominals, and bought myself home.

My routine today consisted of:

3.5 Incline
3.2 mph
10 minute walking warm-up

Increased to 4.1 mph jogged for 30 sec
Walked at 3.2 mph for 90 sec
Repeated 10 times

3.5 Incline
3.2 mph
10 minute walk cool-down

2.13 miles travelled
40 minutes

So far, my eating has been on point today.  Let's hope that this carries over into tomorrow.  My neck is really bothering me, but I need to try to get up in there, and do my LEG Strength training routine.

Until tomorrow.

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