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Monday, March 22, 2010

Trucking Along

Hey world,

Im still here!  Still determined to build a better me.  I haven't made it to the gym, quite as often as I would've liked the past week, but I did go my minimum 3.  I plan on doing way better this week.  Once I get this damn crook out my neck.  Ay vey, it's always something.

In any event, I tried doing a total body workout, and it kicked my arse.  So, now Im on the quest for a split routine.  My friend Rosa, has a great upper body split on her blog, and once I get her permission, I plan on incorporating that into my routine.  Now, to get a lower routine on paper. 

For me, once it's on paper, I have a PLAN.  It's easier for me to go in to the gym with a plan.  It allows for me to be very focused on the job at hand.  Im able to simply shut up and train.

Here's a site that is proving itself, to be very helpful to me

Ok, so I'll be back later hopefully to log in what Ive accomplished.

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