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Monday, March 15, 2010

Manic Mondays

I think it's fair to say that Monday's can be quite manical for many.  For me, today was no different.  I got to a late start this morning and didn't arrive at the gym until 6am.  I actually prefer to arrive like around 5:30 or a quarter to 6 at the latest, but today, that just wasn't in the cards. My baby girl has been uber cranky this past weekend, and I DID contemplate not going, but I decided it's way to early in my routine, that's not even a routine to consider NOT GOING.  I figured I would probably be able to deal with her better, if I wasn't agitated from missing a workout, so off I went.

I'm glad yesterday I spent some time researching treadmill routines. Walking is not something I do because it's fun and I enjoy it. Factor in a non scenic treadmill, and walking becomes outright torture.  Good things I have goals, and aspirations.  I actually want to become a runner.  Why?  Why not?

So to help me reach that goal, I figured I need to at the very least learn how to LIKE the treadmill.  So I did this routine which is a BEGINNER routine.  It's timed at 30 minutes, but I ended up doing like 40 because I felt I needed an actual warm-up AND cool-down period.  I didnt think that should've been included as part of the 30 minute work out, at least for me.

Wow, what a blast of fun.  I cant' believe it, even as I type this.  Do, check out the workout page if you want specifics.  I fiddled with the treadmill so much, so constantly, that the routine flew by. I can totally see myself doing this again and again with mods of course, and incorporating the same concept into other machines like the Eliptical and Cross Country Skier.

As far as food goes, I think I did fairly well.  If I have to be completely honest, then I definitely need to address my Evening eating habits.  I used to eat about 6 meals a day back in 2005.  That took commitment, organization, and careful planning.  It was a lot of WORK but it truly WORKED. I said all of this to say, that I need to work in another meal/snack right after work.  Something fast and portable that I can consume maybe around 4pm or so.  By the time I reached home at 6 today I was famished.  I can also honestly say, I didn't think my spinach salad would fill me up, but it did.  Had, I added in that other meal/snack following it, I probably could've avoided eating those 4 cheese doodles, a coupla bites of a hot pocket, diced chicken, and a couple of my kitchen sink mini quiche's.

That was too sporadic, and I didn't feel at all in control, so that is something I will pay careful attention to and strive to do better. In the meanwhile, Im also thinking about a total body strength training routine I want to incorporate into my cardio sessions.  Im thinking 3xs a week, and something that works multiple muscles at a time.  So I plan to have a plan within the next day or 2.

And if the above isn't enough for me to ponder about, today my high blood pressure reared it's ugly head.  I went from feeling GREAT post workout, to standing on the train, feeling like DEATH out of nowhere.  Im talking headache to the point of combustion, total all over body sweat, and heavy feet even though I had on light as air moon boots.  I don't know how I didn't pass out, but I was damn sure close to losing control.

That experience was scary as hell, but it just confirmed I need to continue exercising and taking my medication as prescribed. Im just glad I get to live another day to take my medicine and exercise.

With that said, I'll be around.  Either on the workout page, or as a post, if I have lots to say.

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