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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

No Pain No Gain

Or so that's what I've heard.  Yesterday I went to the gym.  I did the walk to jog treadmill program and then I did strength training on my lower body.  I HATE training the lower body, but I can't stand those people that will only train half their body, and then walk around looking lopsided, this is more so for men, so I try to make it a point to train equally.  Top vs. Bottom.  Front vs. Back.

Anywho, my routine looked like this.

30 minutes Treadmill
5min warm up walk 4.0 incline 3.4 mph
30 sec jog/run 4.1 mph
90 sec walk 3.4 mph
Repeat 10x's
5 minute cool down walk 3.4 mph
Distances Travelled: 1.66 miles
Calories Burned is unknown

I have 1 more day of this 30sec jog/90 sec walk routine.  Come next week, it gets kicked up a notch and I do 60/60.  Oh goodie.  It takes, damn near a full minute to recover now AS IS.  But, I will stick with it.

The strength routine went as follows:

Barbell Front Squat 20/12 20/12 20/12
Barbell Dead Lift 30/12 30/12 30/12
DB Lunge 10/12 10/12 10/12 (I hate these!)
Seated Leg Curl Machine 25/12 40/12 40/12
Seated Hip Abduction Machine 50/12 50/12 50/12
Standing Calf Raise 15/12 15/12 15/12 super set with
DB Side Bends 15/12 15/12 15/12
Decine Sit Ups 12 reps,  8reps (these kicked my arse, nuff said)
Crunches 25 reps, 20 reps, 20 reps (hmnnnnnnnnnnnn my total count is down, I wonder why, lol)

Now today Im walking around barely if you can call it that.  Im straight up hobbling.  Oh well.  I know the soreness is temporary, and by the time it subsides, I should be ready to work at it again.  Ay vey.

On an entirely different subject, I've been eating pretty well if I do say so myself. My diet is not sewn SUPER TIGHT, but Im satisfied with it. If I want a cookie, damn it, I have a cookie.  I just won't eat a whole box/container.  I am eating ALOT of salad, and for those who have eaten salads day in and day out, you know that can get boring FAST. What I"ve found that is working for me, is adding various fruits to my otherwise boring veggie salad.  Last week, I tossed in a couple of grapes, DELISH.  Today, I tossed in a couple of strawberries, FANTASTIC.  So, fruits mixed with veggies can make a very happy Necia.

So, what's making you happy these days?

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