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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Missing That Hour

So the title should lead you to possibly come to the conclusion that I didn't make it to the gym today.  Treasure, decided she wanted to be up most of the night.  By the time I finally got her in a good sleep, hubby came in wanting some attention, if you do know what I mean.  So, I'm wondering if I can count sexercise/ghetto pilates as a part of my physical fitness regimin.

Moving on, I was just lost today.  Got out the house late today, but I didn't let it start my day off wrong.  I had my protein pancake for breakfast.  I snacked on some almonds for my mid-morning snack, and I was forced to buy lunch today. 
I went the cheapest route I could go, and I bought a small spinach salad with sprouts, carrots, red onion, cuke's and grilled chicken.  I do splurge and use FF salad dressing, with sesame ginger being my favorite these days.  I have a large bottle of water to wash it all down.

Now, the salad I made yesterday, was MUCH larger.  I plan on cleaning this bowl out, and putting it to further use.  I will be bringing in my own salad again tomorrow, even if it means, that I have to run up in the supermarket after the gym.  I can always grill the chicken as I make breakfast.  How hard can that be?  Hmn, only time will tell.

Im thisclose to having my Total Body routine figured out.  I will post it as soon as I put the finishing touches on it.  Keep in mind that it will forever, constantly be tweaked to keep things new and interesting.

Before, I officially sign off, how many of ya'll have Exercise Tv?  Well I have it as part of the free on demand programs with my cable service.  I was watching 1 last night, that was fantastic.  I know Im strange because I watch exercise shows without exercising, but consider it one of my quirks.  I have no desire or space to be exercising at home.  Anyway, if memory serves correctly It was a Body by Jake, with an instructor named Marcos.  It consisted of all strength/resistance training using dumbells.  He focused on super sets, and each exercise was performed for 45 seconds.  Not a lot of jumping around like cardio, but you can definitely tell it was a routine designed to get that heart rate up!  My kind of exercise.  I will definitely be incorporating some of his moves into my own routine.

Ok, that be about it now!  Planning a nice early night, to ensure Im up for tomorrow's workout.


  1. I used to have ExerTV when I had cable, but with Satellite, I no longer have it. I loved using it to workout at home. That is what introduced me to Yoga. I've even bought DVDs because of the free previews. I can only do at home exercises, so it is a great go to thing when you can't make it to the gym, and HAVE NO EXCUSE. I am glad that you know the benefits of working out for your health. Keep going!

  2. Sexercise counts. Get your workout on! You had a great day with your eating too! I will be interested to see your Total Body workout routine. I don't think it's weird that you watch exercise videos without working out. I don't have Exercise TV, but a website I'm on, sent me an email yesterday that some videos by Jillian Michael are available for download. If you want the link, I will send it to you. I need to do some more research on what I want my fitness routine to be.